STEAM camp - Lesotho


As a Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) in Lesotho (a small, landlocked country in Southern Africa) Hoping to spark and spread enthusiasm for math and science, a group of 6 PCV's decided to host a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths (STEAM) camp. This camp was believed to be the first of its kind in Lesotho.

After 10 months of organizing, more than 60 students and 10 teachers from 11 different schools across Lesotho convened for a 3-day camp. The students were exposed to new technologies, networked with Basotho in STEAM fields, and succeeded in building bridges from locally available recycled materials. Other activities included experiments with density of different liquids, learning the basics of coding through Scratch, and made felt from local mohair. The teachers who attended gained practice with experiential learning techniques.

In order to foster sustainable change, the teacher-student teams were encouraged to start a STEAM club when they returned to their respective schools, supported by a book of low-resource, hands-on activities.

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Students doing research on bridges
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A sturdy bridge completed with recycled materials
Key Skills
  • Curriculum design - emphasis on low-resource, hands-on activities
  • Grant writing
  • Recruiting and organizing student-friendly presenters
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Students practiced electronics and simple coding with donated Makey Makey's
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A brainstormed list of reasons why students think STEAM is important
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A competition to build the highest tower, using only straws and tape
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Students tie-dyed shirts